LIVING HERE: Huron County

Steeped in history and tradition, Huron County is a rural region. Its 1,000 farms and a variety of manufacturing businesses provide employment for many residents. Norwalk is the largest city, as well as the county seat, of Huron County. The cities, towns and villages of Huron County offer families and individuals a diverse range of affordable homes in quiet neighborhoods. For more information: Huron County,  

Norwalk, Tree City, has a Main Street lined with maple trees and takes pride in maintaining its street and park trees. Those driving through the city experience the beautiful views Norwalk has to offer, with historic houses and buildings that line the streets. For more information, contact City of Norwalk at 419.663.6700;   

The City of Blossoms, one of three of the largest cities in the county, has a history with railroads that marks the city. According to, the original purpose of Willard was to be a community for railroad employees and support people for the railroad. For more information, contact City of Willard at 419.933.2581;