LIVING HERE: Columbiana County

Cherry Valley Coke Ovens
200 coke ovens, built by the Leetonia Iron and Coal Company around 1866, can be found near Leetonia. Their purpose was to purified coal and turn it into coke. The coke was then burned in furnaces that produced iron and steel.

Bordered by Pennsylvania to the east and the Ohio River to the south, rural Columbiana County boasts a legacy of agriculture and industry. Residents enjoy pick-your-own fruits and vegetables, as well as roadside produce stands, and a smattering of state parks and wildlife areas. Farms abound in Columbiana County, but not all residents have to be farm owners! Homes on small and large lots alike exist at price points in the low to moderate range. For more information: Columbiana County,   

East Liverpool, established in 1834 and with a population of 11,195, is rated by Niche as one of the Best Places to Retire in America. For more information, contact City of East Liverpool at 330.385.3381;  

The quiet village of Leetonia has a rich historic past and a picturesque natural setting. The village is currently undergoing a downtown revitalization, with the hopes to bring new businesses and traffic to the area. For more information, contact Village of Leetonia at 330.427.6721;