Privacy Policy

We strive to deliver quality visitor information about businesses and attractions that we would recommend to a friend or associate, that has been our mission since 1980. We value your business and, most importantly your loyalty. Your Privacy is important to us.

This Privacy statement demonstrates our commitment to assuring a strong and meaningful relationship with our visitors, and addresses questions about the type of personal information we collect and how you can change the personal information you provide us. The information we collect is used to improve the content of our webpage, used to notify consumers about updates to our web site as requested and used by us to contact consumers for marketing purposes. Your e-mail address and telephone number is not shared with other organizations for commercial purposes.

This Privacy statement applies to City Visitor Inc. and its affiliates only, and only to information provided to or collected by City Visitor Inc. and its affiliates. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of any third parties, including but not limited to any unaffiliated web sites that you may have used to access a City Visitor web site.

Web sites that are linked through a City Visitor web site ( including but not limited to promotional partners, advertisers, and sponsors or web sites not controlled or authorized by City Visitor may have their own privacy data collection policies and practices. We are not responsible for any actions or policies of such third parties. We reserve the right to change this privacy statement at any time.

Information that we collect

In order to deliver an exceptional visitor experience, to provide you with information about products and services, and to manage our business, we collect and maintain personal information about you. We collect personal information about you from many sources, including but not limited to, cookies, pixels tags, information you voluntarily provide, City visitor web site log-ins, online request forms, entries, surveys, and through your transactions with us.

The personal information we collect about you through these sources may include, but not limited to name, physical and email addresses, telephone and fax numbers, credit card information, lifestyle information such as room or dining preferences and leisure activities. We may also collect information about you, such as your use of City Visitor web sites, travel and use habits and communication preferences relative to your visit.

Third Party Links

City Visitor web sites may list or link to third party products or services. We do not have any control over the quality, safety or legality of the items advertised the truth or accuracy of the listings, the ability of suppliers to sell items or the ability of buyers to buy the items. For these reasons, we cannot ensure that a buyer or supplier will actually complete a transaction. We will not be a party to any transaction between you and such third parties and any correspondence concerning such transactions should be conducted between you and the third party.

We rely on service providers to help us offer products and services, such as the delivery of products and services, including but not limited to travel and hospitality packages, communicating news and delivering promotional materials and processing credit card transactions.

During the course of our business we may also share aggregated demographic and statistical information that is not personally identifiable.

Contact Us

We wish to provide you with the ability to define and modify your mailing preferences, including the ability to unsubscribe or "opt out" from receiving marketing or promotional communications from City Visitor in the future. You can contact us in writing by e-mail or postal mail; you may contact our home office at or at City Visitor Inc. 5755 Granger Road Suite 600 Independence, Ohio 44131. We will process your request as quickly as possible. Please allow 60 days to process your opt out request.

Last update 7/1/2009