Demographic Profile
In 2013, the population in the Akron MSA was 705,686. The region has a civilian labor force of 375,402, with a participation rate of 65.9 percent. Of individuals 25 to 64 in the Akron MSA, 30.8 percent have a bachelor’s degree or higher, which compares with 30.5 percent nationwide. The median household income in the Akron, OH MSA is $50,392, and the median house value is $139,100. Greater Akron’s manufacturing employment represents 14 percent of all jobs, ranking 13th in the nation (the national average was 8.5 percent) 24.5 percent “moderately high-tech” manufacturing jobs ranking 19th in the nation (national average at 18.6 percent).


• 172,332 Medina County

• 161,419 Portage County

• 541,781 Summit County

• 875,532 Tri-County Region (Medina, Portage, Summit)

• 703,200 Akron, OH MSA

• 77th largest Metropolitan Statistical Area

• 3,515,646 Cleveland-Akron-Canton, OH CSA

• 15th largest Combined Statistical Area

• 17,000,000 Population within 150-mile radius around Akron

• 43% of America’s population within a 500-mile radius around Akron



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